Day 2: What is yoga?

Yoga is a complete mind & body practice that began in India thousands of years ago. The word yoga translates to union; to join, to connect and to unite. There are two ways I look at that translation:

  1. Connection of your own mind and your own body, really working on yourself, your own health and wellbeing.
  2. The bigger picture; how we connect with and impact those and the world around us – the good and the bad.

For most of us in the western world yoga is a form of exercise, we focus on the physical aspect of the practise. Whilst pace and intensity may vary but the primary focus of yoga is movement; stretching and strengthening, challenging your self and your balance, to avoid or to assist recovery from injury.

Yoga classes teach a sequence of postures which are brought together by your breath – practiced on a yoga mat, in bare feet, often to the sound of music. It is a great way to enhance your overall wellbeing and improve longevity.

Trust me, physically it will challenge you – it will most likely be unlike any other exercise discipline you have tried. It will support and assist those of you who run, compete, train or play a particular sport. And for those of you who sit at the other end of the scale; finding yourself desk or car bound for far too much of the day it will help undo that postural strain.

Yoga will mentally give you ‘time out’ and a chance to relax, providing an outlet for stress and emotion. It pulls you away from the demand of emails, notifications, stimulation – it creates a clear space for you and your thoughts.

Does that help? I would love to know what yoga is to you!

I might come back to this one at the end of the month, I could keep going and diving deeper into ‘what yoga is’ but I am aware it can seem quite intense straight off the bat.

Lots of Love,

Jess x

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