5 Kickstart ideas for journaling 

Let’s put pen to paper.

I took a poll on my instagram which revealed that 75% of you were already using journalling techniques to help you find focus, and the other 25% were struggling to get into the habit.

I thought I would share my favourite ways to kickstart a session with my notepad.

I’ve picked some of these up from other people on the way, and they all help me to download my thoughts when my mind is whirling.

Disclaimer: this is something that’s definitely comes and goes for me. At the moment I am having a great run but trust me its not always the way. However I do really believe in the power of putting pen to paper, especially when it comes to setting goals, visualising and mapping things out for yourself or your business.

1) Gratitudes – I list what I am grateful for. Don’t hold back, go in deep. Who, why, how do they make you feel? What, why, how does that make you feel?

2) Celebrations – one I tend to do in the evening. What went really bloody well today and what is the outcome of that? Where does it take you, what does it mean, how big is the smile on your face right now that you are sat here thinking back about it?

3) Your lottery win – imagine you won the lottery tonight, what would you do tomorrow? Who would you love to celebrate with, how would your day to day change, would you still do the job you do right now.. I find this a really fun way to think about who means a lot to me and who I should definitely see more of, am I doing work that lights me up, am I making the most of my day. I know its cliche but we blink and time passes so its always great to make sure we are doing what really fills us up!

4) Where are the gaps – sometimes it is easy to look out at your playing field (your life) and see everything that’s going wrong. You are just seeing the defenders, the barriers, the problems. I want you to look out at your playing field and see everything that’s going right. List the opportunities that are out there, think of the connections you have, your recents wins and all the amazing experiences your yet to dive into!

5) Get intentional – Possibly saving the best (and the simplest) till last, my go to for last thing at night. And I don’t know if this even qualifies as journaling but when I have finished writing down everything else that is running through my mind I always sign off with this. Setting my intentions and creating a good to do list for the next day. So that when my head hits the pillow there is less worry and fewer thoughts. If you also run your own business. DO THIS.

Pull out a pen and dive in!

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