Teacher in a yoga studio
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Voucher – 3 Months ‘Best of Both Worlds’ Class Membership


Suitable for ‘explorers’:

  • Who love our live classes – the interaction and extra guidance.
  • Who want to further their practice in their own time with access to an extensive library of over 400 online classes that they can dip in and out of varying in style, duration and intensity.
  • Who are looking for support in creating a more consistent routine and improving their overall wellbeing.

Membership includes:

  • Access to all 16 x LIVE classes per month.
  • Monthly mindfulness, exercise, health and inspiration posts.
  • Monthly recipes from our favourite renowned retreat chefs.
  • Unlimited access to a library of over 400 ONLINE classes in yoga, pilates and meditation.
  • Community support from our private JL collective Facebook group.