Reminding me how much I love to ‘retreat’

This past week I have spent in Windemere with family, it has really been my very own ‘retreat’ and it has reminded me how much I love it and why I do what I do. So I thought I would just share a little about it…

We booked this accommodation during lockdown off the back of a conversation about how nice it is to do things as a big group / family. We do get a lot of partners book retreats, mothers & daughters, sisters and it is such a nice way to chill out together. When else are you ever really fully present? I think the nice thing about having time away in the lakes together too is you aren’t rushing around, everyone can take the day at their own pace.


It has been such a dream to be here for a whole week too and makes me think maybe we could do a Lake District retreat for 4/5 nights instead of just our usual 3 because the opportunity to get in even more hikes has been fab. We have walked, and I can highly recommend:

  • Hawkshead to Tarn Hows;
  • High Dam;
  • Stickle Tarn & Dungeon Ghyll; and
  • Old Man Coniston.

The fresh air and views are just incredible and were so lucky to have them on our doorstep aren’t we?! We actually admired these from within the Lake too and have been for a few dips. I am already a fan of a cold shower but if I had a lake on my doorstep a daily dip is definitely something I could get used too.

Recommendation for working out whilst away – I aways travel with a few pieces of equipment I can use for a home/hotel workout; reversible sliders, small loop resistance banda long loop resistance band and 1 reasonable size weight / kettlebell (if driving).

When I am hosting a retreat I tend to be running around a bit (not a complaint!) and I don’t make the time for myself to have a bath but it has been a real treat this week to pop a retreat bath melt in and just chill out after a long walk.


We have also eaten as we do when we are all together. We’ve enjoyed a longer later breakfast at the house and a big evening meal all together but in the middle of that instead of another big sit down meal we have had snack (often cake) whilst in a cute coffee shop or half way up a mountain. Its definitely a way of eating that suits me better but I know everyone is different, I find retreats in the past where we have done 3 sit down meals you are a bit over faced with food and your digestive systems working over time!

Working / Unplugging / Resting

Coming away its great to unplug and take time away from your screen. I have had a bit of half/half experience with this. My phone hasn’t got service here so I haven’t felt as attached to that especially whilst out hiking, this has been pretty refreshing (ridiculous that this is an achievement or something to comment on, gosh don’t we have a problem?). On the flip I have actually woke up each day at 5am to work before the house ‘wakes up’ and its been a very peaceful productive experience. It made me think about guests who might want to come away but do have work hanging over their heads… it certainly hasn’t negatively impacted the rest f my day, in fact. maybe the opposite because I have stepped into the morning knowing that I have ticked off anything urgent.

All in all its been a good week – relaxed, productive, nourishing, fun. It’s been nice personally to have the time out but also its been nice to share that as a family.

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