How to create routine & an undisrupted home practice 

You are important, you’re practice and your health are a priority. Read that again if it didn’t sink in.

Regardless of gyms and studios reopening I think we have all come to appreciate having extra time haven’t we? 

And knowing that we can get a great practice in from the comfort of our own home is pretty darn handy!

However I appreciate that our homes aren’t always as zen as we would like and it is very easy to say we are going to practice 3 or 4 times a week…and not practice 3 or 4 times a week…Are you nodding?

Here are a few ways to help you get into a routine, create structure and not get totally distracted as you move and groove.

Schedule it

Here is your new Sunday evening ritual. Look at your week and map out when you are going to train. It is now in your diary. And you are NOT GOING TO MISS IT. If you had a doctors appointment would you miss it? No. A big work meeting? No. Same applies. You are important, your health is important. So even if its 3 x 45 minute sessions. They go in your diary. They stay in your diary.

Be ready

I always encourage clients (if they have the space) to leave their mat out. If you don’t have the space leave it rolled up next to where you practice. This means you are ready to go. There is no faffing, no excuses. You can just rock and roll straight away. We are very easily distracted, so taking away the chance to potter means you get going quicker. You are more focused. You have more time. It is win win.

Do not disturb

This is key, you can’t be following an online class and having notifications / reminders pop up. So make sure you are on silent and you can not be distracted. I would go as far as to say if your practicing mid morning and you think Mr Prime might deliver a parcel pop a post it note on the door telling them to leave it behind the bin, and if you have a land line leave it off the hook so you don’t get sales calls either. This is your time and it is sacred.

The over riding message is that you are important, make the time, stick to the time and don’t let anyone interrupt your time.

Got it? Go, grab your diary and schedule it in!

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