Optimising Skin Health

Chloe Kearney, founder and super-woman behind the beautiful clinic FACE Lytham recently spoke within our new longevity programme 4LIFE about how to optimise our skin health. There was a lot to our zoom call but I wanted to create this blog post in an attempt to summarise some of her endless knowledge…

As a bit of a back story, I started seeing Chloe for facials / advice myself last year 4 months before I got married and I was so happy with my experience that I have been shouting from the roof tops about her since.


  • Lowering the temperature of your cleansing water from the get go. Start to cleanse over the sink and avoid the shower to help with dehydrated skin. No harsh cleaners or scrubs.
  • Keep a simple routine if you are experiencing any kind of skin discomfort or breakout.
  • Focus on your internal health and where necessary supplement your diet with good food source vitamins & minerals on top of a healthy balanced diet. Aim for those 30 varied plants per week (this includes nuts, seeds & pulses).
  • Limit your caffeine to 2 cups before 2pm, it will help with your sleep which over time your skin will thank you for.
  • Ramp up the water, especially in this kind of weather (it is currently summer here in the UK – long may it last!). Aim for 2 litres & if it helps get yourself a 1 litre bottle with a straw to try and get more down you quicker! Electrolytes are fab too if you are training at a higher intensity.
  • Don’t buy anything that claims you are able to put collagen on your skin. The molecule is too big to be absorbed by the skin and has to be ingested. This way it will also help with joint and gut health. 

[If any of this seems overwhelming reach out to Chloe, she will be more than happy to help]

Electrolyte Recommendations 

  • Laird Superfoods – Hydrate
  • Body Bio – E-lyte
  • LMNT
  • Rejuvenated – H3O
  • SIS (I am loving the orange, berry and pink grapefruit flavour)



  • The Huberman Lab – Dr Andrew Huberman Lifespan – Dr David Sinclair
  • Found my Fitness – Dr Rhonda Patrick
  • Feel Better Live More – Dr Rangan 
  • Nutrition Nuggets – Dale Pinnock
  • The Drive – Dr Peter Attia
  • Forever Young – Lanserhof
  • Wild Sessions – Henrietta Norton
  • The Wellness Breakdown – Eve Kilinik & Rosemary Ferguson
  • Chloe is your woman if you are looking to improve your skin, I have been so happy with her treatments and advice. I am putting way less on my skin and it feels way better. 

Supplement wise of course everything is very personal but of the back of our 4LIFE programme a few of you asked what I use – Chloe recommended, and I take now the Pure Strength Omega 3 from Wild Nutrition. I have also recently started with Ancient and Brave collagen plus Athletic Greens. I’ve already shared these with so many people as they’ve hugely helped, I don’t think I have ever taken supplements before that have ever done anything like this!

If you would like to discuss any of the above with myself or Chloe please do get in touch. Our next 4LIFE longevity programme starts in September and we would love to have you with us!

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